Our vision

In our school, we aim to develop a love of learning so that each individual can make a real difference to themselves, other people and the world around them.

Our values

Take control of your own learning

Select the resources you need to learn

Be a Have a Go hero!

I can work on my own

Aim for the stars

Dream big

You can do it

Treat everyone fairly

Showing kindness and consideration

Say “Please and Thank you”

Bouncing back and not breaking 

Trying your best and being strong

When things don’t go as planned, problem solve and try again

Overcome obstacles

Be able to work with others to achieve a goal or overcome a challenge

Encourage others

Succeed together

Collaborate and communicate

Be kind be a friend


Be caring to others

Take turns and share

Be brave in your own way

Try new things 

Don’t let fear hold you back 

Take a risk and have a go!

Listen to everyone’s point of view

Learn from others who are different to you

Make space for other people’s opinions

Accepting others as they are and accepting yourself for who you are

Always tell the truth

Make the right choices

Speak the truth even if it’s difficult 

Be honest with yourself and with others

Never stop asking questions

Always be inquisitive

Be a lifelong learner

Explore, investigate and learn

Be the best you can be

Believe in yourself to do your best

Be proud of who you are

Celebrate your success and that of others

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