What music looks like at Shaw Ridge School

What a Music lesson can look like in our school:

  • Music is taught in KS1 and KS2 using Music Express.
  • Music Express gives children the opportunity to learn about rhythm, beat and to gain an opinion on the music genres they like.
  • Music Express also gives children the opportunity to compose and perform, taking into account the different elements of music.
  • Ukulele is taught in Year 4 by a music specialist.
  • Opportunities are given to children to learn a musical instrument of their own. Specialist peripatetic teachers teach music lessons in keyboards, drums, guitar and violin to children who choose to pay for them.
  • Children have opportunities to perform what they have been taught to family members and to the school in assemblies.
  • Children are encouraged to appraise pieces of music.
  • Children are taught to listen out for different instruments.

This is how it works:

  • Independent and collaborative work is encouraged in each year group.
  • We have weekly singing assemblies in KS1 and KS2 where we learn classic hymns and also music from different genres.
  • We have different events that the choir perform at throughout the year such as Junior Music Festivals and PTA events.

This is our philosophy:

  • High quality modelling and scaffolding of the skill leading to high quality musical work.
  • Cross-curricular links wherever possible
  • Children learn through exploring different genres whilst acquiring new skills
  • Encourage children to gain a love of music and have the opportunity to perform

This is what we do:

  • Each Year group have particular skills to focus on which are set out in Music Express. The children will then progress through the skills as they move up the school.
  • By the time the children leave Year 6, they will have covered a range of musical genres and styles to get the children engaged and enjoying their learning.
  • Links with other areas of the curriculum are embraced to provide a more meaningful learning experience.
  • Raised profile of music through the use of performance during assemblies and music roadshows
  • Regular opportunities for parental involvement to showcase music being taught through performances and coffee mornings.

This is what you might typically see:

  • Enthusiastic, engaged learners
  • Independent and collaborative work
  • Range of challenges/differentiation to meet needs of all children
  • Use of technology where appropriate
  • Reflective learners who are willing to improve
  • Engagement, perseverance and resilience
  • Children talking about, sharing and reflecting on their learning

This is how we know how well our pupils are doing:

  • Different forms of feedback
  • Observations of children during lessons
  • Photographic/video evidence
  • Feedback given during performances

This is the impact of teaching:

  • Confident children who can talk about Music
  • Children who are prepared to take risks and develop their attitude towards music
  • Children who enjoy music lessons

Music Progression of Skills & Knowledge

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