What Science looks like at Shaw Ridge School

What a science lesson can look like in our school:

  • A variety of activities to engage children about the world around them
  • Investigations/practical exploration with the children being able to predict, plan, research, record, carry out and conclude their learning
  • Opportunities to work individually and collaboratively

This is how it works:

  • Each term a different aspect of science is taught with the focus on either Biology, Chemistry or Physics
  • It may be taught as discrete lessons or as a block unit of work which may link with the term’s topic

This is our philosophy:

  • Learning through exploration and investigation
  • Using the children’s understanding as a starting point
  • Making links to the world around us
  • Exciting children about science – creating a love of science and a will to find out more, to ask questions

This is what we do:

  • Knowledge and understanding taught in blocks of work with a new topic each term
  • Where possible links made with other subjects to enrich learning
  • Opportunities each term for children to develop their investigative skills
  • Incorporate the use of technology where appropriate

This is what you might typically see:

  • Engaged learners
  • Opened and closed questions – directed to whole class and individuals
  • Children posing their own questions and hypothesis for investigation
  • Collaborative work
  • Practical investigations
  • Children discussing, reflecting and sharing their learning

This is how we know how well our pupils are doing:

  • Different forms of feedback
  • Formative assessment through questioning during lessons and investigations
  • Observations of children during investigations and exploration
  • Photographic/video evidence
  • Assessment tracked at the end of each block of work

This is the impact of teaching:

  • Confident children who can talk about their science lessons and discoveries they’ve made
  • Children are able to use and explain the meaning of scientific vocabulary
  • Children who are prepared to take risks
  • Children who enjoy Science lessons and want to know more

Science Progression of Skills & Knowledge

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