What MFL looks like at Shaw Ridge School

At Shaw Ridge, French is taught as part of our MFL curriculum across the whole of KS2.

What a French lesson can look like in our school:

  • Opportunities to learn about life in another country, developing an awareness of cultural similarities and differences
  • Speaking and listening activities to develop confidence with pronunciation and speaking and listening skills
  • Enjoyable activities and songs to foster an interest in learning another language
  • Grammar activities which reinforce and develop their understanding of their own language

This is our philosophy:

  • Children learning through enjoyable activities
  • To provide children with the confidence to try a new language and express themselves
  • French language embedded throughout KS2 with instructions, class routines etc. sometimes delivered in French.
  • Languages spoken by those of children across the school and within classes given the opportunity to share and learn
  • Children are given the opportunity to learn the basics of a new language during International Week

This is what we do:

  • A progressive curriculum with areas of vocabulary revisited and built on each year, with a clear progression in core skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Teach language based on familiar areas – the home, school, food, meeting people, familiar songs and stories.
  • Lessons may be taught discreetly or as a block of lessons. Links with other areas of the curriculum are encouraged and embraced to provide a more meaningful learning experience

This is what you might typically see:

  • Enthusiastic, engaged learners
  • Independent and collaborative work
  • Curious children posing questions
  • Engagement and perseverance
  • A variety of techniques used to encourage engagement – games, role play, songs etc.

This is how we know how well our pupils are doing:

  • Lessons are planned based on progressive skills which are specific for each year group
  • A variety of feedback is given by teachers or peers
  • Photographic and video evidence

This is the impact of teaching:

  • Inquisitive learners who enjoy learning another language
  • Children who are prepared to share what they’ve learnt in a variety of ways
  • Children who are able to gain an insight into similarities and differences between countries
  • Confident learners who are willing to communicate a foreign language orally and in writing

MFL Progression of Skills

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