We believe in providing the best possible provision for pupils of all abilities. We plan our teaching and learning so that each child can aspire to the highest level of personal achievement. This policy ensures that we recognise and support the needs of those children in our school who have been identified as ‘gifted’ and / or ‘talented.’

In the national guidelines, ‘gifted and talented’ is the term used to describe those children who are achieving, or have the potential to achieve, at a level substantially above the rest of their peer group.

Gifted refers to those pupils who are capable of excelling in academic subjects for their age, achieving at least one National Curriculum level above national expectations.

Talented refers to those pupils who excel in art and design, music, PE or performing arts such as dance and drama, identified by a marked talent or natural ability.

Provision is made for gifted and talented children within normal class teaching by differentiation and added challenge.

www.nagcbritain.org.uk – the National Association for Gifted Children: support to parents and carers. Tel:08707703217

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