We are committed to inclusion and equal opportunities at Shaw Ridge Primary School. We work very closely with our parents and other agencies in order to ensure that all pupils are able to successfully access the curriculum.

We are dedicated to ensuring our school is a place where everyone feels welcome and where all pupils can be successful learners.

SEN Information

Reciprocal Reading

'Reciprocal Reading is an intervention that we use in school in order to support children in developing their reading comprehension. Groups of children read a selection of texts together with a Teaching Assistant. The main activities carried out during each session are Prediction, Clarifying (where children ask about the meaning of words), questioning and summarising.'

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SEN Information Report

As part of the SEND reforms, Swindon LA have produced a local offer which outlines all the support and activities that are available for children with SEN in the borough. Every school has produced an SEN Information report as their contribution to this local offer.

SEN Report to Governors

This tells you what support is available to support your child if they have SEN.

Useful Links

Swindon Advocacy Movement

Swindon Advocacy movement are running the Independent Support Service as part of the SEN reforms and the SEND code of practice.  They are able to support parents and carers of children with an existing statement of SEN who are converting to an Education, Health and Care plan and parents and carers of children who are undergoing statutory assessment for an EHCP.

Information about the Swindon Advocacy Movement

Click here to go to the Swindon Advocacy Movement website

Special Educational Needs Disability and Advice Support Service (SENDIASS)

SENDIASS (formerly parent partnership) are able to support parents and carers of any child with Special Educational Needs, offering support and advice in a range of areas.

Click here to go to the SENDIASS website

Click here for information about the Independent Support Service

SEN Useful Information


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