What PE looks like at Shaw Ridge School

What a PE lesson can look like in our school:

  • Children take part in outdoor, indoor and adventurous games and activities both individually and within a team
  • Play competitive games, modified for individuals or groups where appropriate - applying basic principles of attacking and defending
  • Clear objectives set at the start of each lesson with progression throughout
  • Challenge individuals and allow flexibility of tasks to meet their needs

This is how it works:

  • In KS2, classes follow a different sport each term (for example: football, netball, hockey, tag-rugby, gymnastics, dance, orienteering). They will also focus on multi-skills. These lessons will be challenging and differentiated for all. Children will use the skills learnt to compete in games tactically.
  • In KS1, children will focus on their multi-skills, in particular agility, balance and coordination which can be developed through games. Children will also focus on dance and gymnastics. These lessons will be challenging and differentiated for all. Children are then given the opportunity to use these skills within a game at the end of each lesson, in which they are able to make their own decisions.
  • Lessons will also challenge children’s attitude and personal development.

This is our philosophy:

  • Engage all children within every PE lesson
  • Give all children the opportunity to participate and compete for the school before they leave Year 6
  • For children to lead, officiate and participate within lessons to give greater opportunities to enjoy and engage within PE lessons
  • To promote and demonstrate the benefits of daily activity and healthy lifestyle, and support children and parents in achieving this
  • To incorporate healthy inner and outer competition
  • To make cross-curricular links where possible

This is what we do:

  • Ensure opportunities for children to progress/compete with self or within teams
  • Each term a new sport is taught
  • Inter-house School Competitions, using skills learnt within that term in a competitive game
  • Raise profile of PE throughout school – Sportsperson of the week in assembly each week, after school clubs, regular competitions
  • Where possible links made with other subjects to enrich learning

This is what you might typically see:

  • Enthusiastic, engaged learners
  • Independent and collaborative work
  • Range of challenges/differentiation to meet needs of all children
  • Reflective learners who are willing to improve
  • Opportunities to represent and compete for the school
  • Great sportsmanship
  • Use of technology where appropriate
  • Leading and coaching peers (prominent use of sport leaders)

This is how we know how well our pupils are doing:

  • Different forms of feedback
  • Formative assessment through questioning and challenging during lessons
  • Observations of children during lessons
  • Photographic/video evidence
  • Assessment tracked at the end of each block of work

This is the impact of teaching:

  • Confident children who can talk about PE, their personal bests and how they can improve
  • Strong understanding of personal development as well as the benefits of PE
  • Children who are prepared to take risks and develop their attitude
  • Children who enjoy PE lessons

PE Progression of skills

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